About LTA Machining

LTA Machining is a manufacturer of machined metal components located in the city of Camarillo, California.  We have over 20 years of experience serving Ventura County and the surrounding areas. Our customer range from small local companies to large corporations.

LTA Machining’s Quality manual is based on AS9100.We currently comply to MIL-I-45208A & MIL-STD-45662. Our inspection department includes CMM-optical and video equipment.

LTA Machining has produced many notable products for JPL and NASA. Some projects are as follows: Actuators, Motors and Gimbals for the Pathfinder and Mars Twin Rovers, precision components for the Solar Array Deployment, Antenna Pointing, Airbag Retraction, and Sampling Systems.


In addition to the Mars Exploration Rover’s, we have been responsible for the manufacture of mission critical mechanisms for Mars Observer, Mars Volatiles, and Climate Surveyor. Our technicians have also contributed to deep space missions such as Scan Mirror components for Stardust and the Main Sampling System for Genesis.

We have manufactured satellite hardware for Hughes Raytheon and various subcontractors requiring low expansion alloys machined to high tolerances. We participated in the development of the “Heads Up Display” technology with Hughes-Delco in Malibu, California, (now owned by Raytheon) which received the “Indy 500 Lewis Schweitzer Award”. The product was used by the Delco high tech race team during the Indianapolis 500 auto race.

LTA is currently engaged in a Military “Long Term Agreement” manufacturing the low expansion thermal and optical sight sensors for Raytheon’s “ITAS” “TOW” tube launched optically wire guided missile. We are also proud to participate in manufacturing of the the (H.A.R.M.) High speed anti-radiation missile.

Our diversification includes manufacturing of medical components for reciprocating saws, saphenous vein harvesting tools, pharmaceutical development, and molded body implants for a wide variety of companies to include: Amgen, Allergan (formerly Mcghan Medical), Brassler USA, Johnson and Johnson, and Scion International.